"Your still coming over right?" I hope she can make it, this will be our first time doing something like this. "Of course Oscar." I can see her smiling even though we’re talking on the phone. "Great, I can’t wait to see you." Could I sound any cheesier. "Me too Oscar, bye." After saying goodbye I hung up the phone. "Now it’s time to start cleaning."

Today my girlfriend is coming over for the first time, plus she’s spending a night. I’m really excited to be spending 24 hours with her. Last week I asked her if she’ll like to sleepover at mines and surprisingly she said yes. I thought she’ll say no since we’ve only been dating for two months. I don’t wanna force anything on her, causing her to run away and never talking to me again. She’s my first serious relationship and I want everything to be perfect.

I figured well order Chinese since I can’t really cook and I don’t wanna embarrass myself. Basically we’ll be watching movies, playing games, eating, and maybe a heated make out section. We have kissed before, but it only lasts for a few seconds. She’s very shy when it comes to intimate things like holding hands and kissing. When I first met her she was very talkative, maybe because she was surrounded by her friends…I don’t know.

She’s different from anybody I’ve ever talked to or dated. Usually futból players like me go out with models, but I’d rather go out with someone who’s down to earth and has a normal job. Her personality is what made me want to be hers even more. She’s very genuine and has this energy that makes you wanna know more and more about her. I really hope tonight she’ll let loose a little.

I was fixing up the couch when the door bell ringed. I ran to the door but stop before looking in the hallway mirror. “Nice.” I brushed my fingers through my hair before opening the door. “Hi.” She smiled coming in. “How are you?” I asked pulling her in for a hug. Instead if answering me she surprised me with a kiss. She kissed me first. Usually it’s me kissing her first, but today she beat me to it. “I missed you.” She blushed, removing her jacket. She was wearing a white shirt that reached her mid thighs, with black leggings that showed off her curves.

“You look beautiful.” I grabbed her hand waking her down the hallway and into the living room. “Where can I put this?” She said softly, referring to her bag. “I’ll put it in the room…make yourself at home.” I took the bag from her and gave her a kiss in the cheek. I quickly put the bag down beside my bed and rushed back to the living room.

My eyes widen when I saw her on her knees looking at the movies that I left out on the tv stand. She should not be doing that, does she not know she’s turning me on. For gods sake I have sweats on. “You found something you want to watch?” I nervously asked her. She got up holding a DVD with a smirk on her face. “Let’s watch this?” The only thing I was watching right now was the way she bit her lip. I glanced down at the movie, insidious? “Are you sure you wanna watch this?” I didn’t want her having nightmare, I mean this movie is pretty scary.

"Nope, so pop it in bab." Babe? Since when did she star giving me nicknames. I shook my head and put the DVD in, pressing play and turning off the lights. I headed to the couch, sitting right next to her. She nuzzle into my side making me smile. Out of instinct I put my arms around her.

During the movie the only thing that was in my mind was her. She was practically teasing me with everything she did. When she yawned, she’ll moan a little bit. At one point she sat on my lap and kept on moving. This was not my girlfriend. My girlfriend was never this bold. She was always shy, she didn’t like the intimate stuff. I needed to find out what was going on. “Babe are you okay?” She nodded her head not even looking at me. I reached for the remote pausing the movie. “Oscar what’s wrong with you?” She shouted now facing me. “Me? What’s wrong with you?” She rolled her eyes, getting up. “Whatever Oscar.” She pushed pass me heading towards the kitchen. But before she could I stop her. “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Ever since you got here you’ve been acting different.” She buried her head in hands in frustration. “I wanna be more like other girls.” She plumed herself down on the couch. ,ore like other girls? “What are you taking about?” I crouched down in front if her, so that way I can read her face. “Oscar…Im sick of being fucking shy. I’m sick of people taking me as a good girl.” So this is why she’s been acting like this. “You don’t have to change yourself for me. I like you just the way you are.” I place her hands in mine, leaning forward and placing a tender kiss on her lips. “I just wanted you to see me ass someone who’s less shy and more loose. I’m sick of acting liking a good girl. I wanna be able to do stuff with you, like making out and having sex. I don’t want you be embarrass because of me.” I can’t believe she’s been thinking like this. I felt guilty before cause I wanted her to be less shy, but now I feel even guiltier. I cupped her face, hoping what I’m bout to say will get through her. “Listen to me baby….I love that you’re shy, you know why?” I didn’t wait for her to continue. “Because I love seeing you blush when compliment you. I love how nervous I make you feel…it makes me feel special.” I kissed her all of a sudden, making her blush. “See that’s what I love about you. Every little thing I do to you makes you blush. Babe you don’t need to worry about sex, I’m not with you to get in your pants.” She’s blushing with a smile on her face. Her smile makes me smile. I never want her to feel like she has to change for me. She shouldn’t change for anyone. She’s perfect to me. One day she’ll realize how perfect she is. But for now I’ll have to show her day by day.